IME Technologies values quality and all our products undergo rigorous testing and inspection before delivery and installation at the customer. To support our pursuit of the highest quality, IME Technologies also offers service, maintenance and troubleshooting services for its entire installed base worldwide.

Moreover, too support our core business of developing and delivering innovative electrospinning equipment to our customers around the world, IME technologies also offers different services, ranging from consultancy, research and sampling support to prototype and custom equipment development for companies that seek expertise in the development of electrospinning technology for demanding applications..

Equipment service and maintenance

IME Technologies is dedicated to provide high quality and reliable equipment to our academic and industrial customers. Next to rigorous quality contro...lees verder

Terms of collaboration

Being a reliable and valuable partner

Consultancy and contract research

Reveal the added value of electrospinning technology

Concepts and prototypes

Realize innovative electrospinning solutions

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