Excellerating your research

IME Technologies is a private company with limited liability, serving a worldwide customer base from the Netherlands. Over the past years the company successfully transformed in an electrospinning OEM and technology provider.

IME Technologies develops and manufactures dedicated electrospinning R&D and production equipment for nanofiber research, application development and high value-added production. Our main focus is on providing solutions for customers in the fields of general R&D, biomedical application development and medical device production. However, IME Technologies also serves customers in the energy, electronics and chemical industries, illustrating the versatility of our electrospinning platforms. 

Our electrospinning equipment is

Unique            -  providing means to open up and explore new application areas
Reliable          -  providing accurate and reproducible results whenever needed
Versatile         -  providing results efficiently regardless of the needs

Through continuous participation with the TU/e and other partners in ongoing and new research projects we assure that our product portfolio reflects the state-of-the-art in nanofiber production equipment. Next to delivering our products, we support our customers in all phases of their research with sampling, support, upgrades and after-sales services.

The mission of IME Technologies to enable our customers to improve and accelerate their high value-added product development and shorten their time to market is reflected in our motto:

Excellerating Your Business

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