Electrospinning platform generation 4 launched!

IME Technologies has recently completed a major design upgrade for our electrospinning technolgy. We proudly present you the 4th generation of our proven electrospinning platform.

The new platform offers several major improvements that make our Electrospinning Apparatuses even more versatile and easier-to-use. The main improvement can be found inside the apparatuses where we now use an embedded PC with EtherCAT technology for data-acquisition and control of the entire Electrospinning system.


The Electrospinning Apparatus now comes in two different versions, a basic version (EC-ANL) with analog controls and a more advanced digitally controlled version (EC-DIG) with a computer control system and touch-panel user interface. This touch panel provides an intuitive user-interface with all the functionality needed to control the apparatus at the touch of a button.

With the whole electronics layout revised, the electronics are now build up in a modular manner. This makes it even possible to upgrade from an analog version to a digital one at a later stage!

Finally, the new control system architecture offers the possibility to install add-in modules inside the apparatus in a plug & play manner. There is no need for installing additional software, simply install the module and the software automatically detects the presence of a new system.

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