IME Technologies present at Electrospinning, Principles, Possibilities and Practise 2012 conference!

"Electrospinning is a platform technology for producing novel nanofibrous materials with a high surface to volume ratio, significant fibre interconnectivity and microscale interstitial spaces."

"Electrospun fibres are of high interest in a diverse range of applications ranging from regenerative medicine and drug delivery, through filtration and nanocomposites and to energy storage and stimuli responsive devices."


This two-day meeting was a follow up from the highly successful one day meeting held in London in November 2010 and it reflected the multidisciplinary nature of the science involved with and supported by electrospinning. There was a mix of keynote lectures and contributed papers. The meeting was of great interest to scientists from the life and physical sciences, engineering and application technologists.

IME Technologies presented it's electrospinning equipment and showed the many possibilities that the platform has to offer. The demonstrated equipment drew a lot of interest and compliments from the attendees making it a successful exhibition for IME Technologies.

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