Electrospinning solutions

IME Technologies provides dedicated electrospinning equipment for research facilities and industrial companies. The equipment is particularly designed to meet the needs of researchers and developers that require an electrospinning setup. The original concepts for the electrospinning equipment have been developed in cooperation with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

IME Technologies E-spin apparatus

The modular system architecture of the Electrospinning apparatus and auxiliary equipment offers maximum flexibility at a reasonable price. The Electrospinning apparatus is equipped with only the basic spinning tools, but has the ability to add complete expansion modules for special applications. Each module can be easily placed within the cabin of the apparatus with only little changeover time. 

The Electrospinning apparatus of IME Technologies is already being applied successfully in various research projects at e.g. the Eindhoven University of Technology , the KU Leuven and other research institutes around the world.

More details and specifications can be found in the brochure that can be downloaded here. For more information on the Electrospinning Technology please contact IME Technologies.

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