Electrospinning Apparatus EC-DIG

IME Technologies has developed a safe, reliable, user-friendly and versatile platform for electrospinning research and nanofiber product development. Whether you are doing fundamental electrospinning research or you want to develop good manufacturing practices for nanofiber production, the Electrospinning Apparatus will enable you to do the job.


The Electrospinning Apparatus is designed in such a way that the equipment and the environment have a minimal influence on the electrospinning process, guaranteeing stable and reproducible results. The system is safe and easy-to-use, allowing for fast experimentation. Furthermore, the system can be equipped with a variety of add-in modules to extend the possibilities for state-of-the-art electrospinning research and development.

The Electrospinning Apparatus comes in two different versions, a basic version (EC-ANL) with analog controls and a more advanced digitally controlled version (EC-DIG) with a computer control system and touch-panel user interface. The system has a transparant protective cover for maximum process visibility and the system can be placed inside a fume hood for vapor extraction.

The system has a fully selectable -4...+25 kV or -10...+25 kV power supply. Finally, the system comes with a multi-functional nozzle stand and circular collector plate. Auxiliary equipment and add-in modules can be included upon request.

Download the Electrospinning equipment brochure for more information.

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